My Top Ten DIY Projects of 2021

Hello there sweet friend! Happy New Year and Welcome to my Blog!  This is where I hope to inspire you to create beautiful things for your home, for gifts, or just for your soul! There’s nothing like the feeling of creating something with your own hands and we are ALL creative!  Today I am sharing my top ten DIY Projects (not including the ones in my monthly group) of 2021.  I derived the top ten based on viewer response, and are not in any particular order.

I have created close to one hundred projects in 2021.


Okay, I am addicted.

But I love it. Selecting only ten projects is hard because I put my heart and soul into everything I make! But here goes; again, no particular order!


Number 1 – Redoute transfer/Kindest Regards Art

I’m super proud of this one! I was doing a Live video on Facebook and nothing was going right! We’ve all had one of those days right? Maybe not while going Live in front of people, but hey, I just try to be real! If something doesn’t work, keep trying! You’ll always learn something! Anyway, after about 3 tries, this Redoute over Kindest Regards art is what I came up with! Sometimes, the 3rd time really is a charm! Feel free to watch an edited video here!


Wood panel – thrifted

Black paint

Kindest Regards stamp

Redoute 2 transfer

Metallic gold paint

Top Coat

Grain Sack stencil – Jami Ray Vintage

Number 2 – Paint Poured Flower

Ohh, this was a fun project from one of my weekly Lives on the DIY paint page.  I normally use acrylic paint for paint pours, but wanted to give this clay-based, chalk paint a try.  I hadn’t tried this before going Live; but did watch a video on Youtube.  Luckily, this Paint Poured Flower came out pretty well and was so much fun! I encourage you to try a paint pour if you never have. You can watch my video here to get inspired!


Wood panel – Michael’s

DIY paint



Glass chips –

Number 3 – Birdhouse Glam

This is definitely one of my personal favorites from one of the Craftathons™ I participated in.  I love Birds AND Birdhouses, so this Birdhouse Glam was super fun! I only have 20 minutes to present in the Craftathons™ so I had to do a lot of planning ahead of time.  You can catch the video presentation here!


Birdhouse – Michael’s


Sheer Bliss metallic paint

Stardust metallic paint

German glass glitter

Number 4 – Feather Embellished Book

Books are one of my favorite things to make over and this Feather Embellished Book was one of my most popular projects for sure!  I get hardback books from the Dollar Store which is cheaper than even a thrift store! Yard sales would probably be a great place to source books as well! Anyway, here’s the video if you’d like to do it yourself!


book – Dollar Tree

Aviary Rice paper

Wings & feathers mould

Trimmings 1 mould



Number 5 – Cabinet Door Art

This Cabinet Door with Sunflower transfers was another popular project! I love going to the Restore Store (Habitat for Humanity) and finding cabinet doors.  They come in so many sizes and make the best canvases for DIY art! Here’s the video for how I did it!


Cabinet door – Restore Store


Painterly Floral transfer

Big Top topcoat

Number 6 – Vintage Bunny Art

This project got a lot of unexpected praise! Who knew? He (or She?) IS pretty cute, right? I found the Vintage Bunny rice paper on Etsy and thought it would look great on a canvas! Decoupaged on a book would have been great too! Here’s a quick video for this one here!


canvas – Michael’s

Vintage Bunny Rice paper – Etsy

IOD Trimmings mould

DIY Paint

Clear Wax

Shipwrecked wax

Dark Wax

Texture Stamp

Titebond glue

Number 7 – Raised Seahorse on Paint Pour


Ooh, the Raised Seahorse on top of a Paint Pour was really fun! After going to the beach during the summer, I was inspired by a large Seahorse hanging in the house we were renting. It was made of metal, but I loved the 3D look.  I decided I wanted something shiny over a paint pour! I did the paint pour first and let that dry. (You can watch that here.) Then I added the Seahorse here!


Wood panel – cut from 8×8 panel from Lowe’s

acrylic paints – any acrylic pawill work

Seahorse Stencil


Embossing Medium

Copper metallic paint

Gold glitter paint additive

Number 8 – Rose Shelf Riser

I love making these little shelf risers.  They’re simple to make and they sell well too! For this particular one, I wanted to see how a transfer would work over a decoupaged napkin. I love how it turned out. You can check out the video here!


Wooden panel – Hobby Lobby or cut 4 x 6

Wooden ball knobs – Hobby Lobby

napkin – Tuesday Morning

DIY paint 

Black glaze

Rose transfer

Gold metallic paint

Top Coat

TiteBond glue

Number 9 – Raised Relief Angel Wings

I’ve been wanting to do Raised Relief Angel Wings for a while! I repainted this canvas I found at the thrift store and finally found a stencil in a large size! The one I used is over 30″ long so it can really make a statement on a wall!  And it’s something you can easily do yourself! See how here!


Canvas – Thrift Store

Black paint

Angel Wings Stencil

Embossing Medium

White Paint

Gold metallic paint

Number 10 – Restoration Hardware inspired book

Books are one of my favorite things to makeover and this Restoration Hardware inspired book is my favorite yet! You can get great hardback books from the Dollar Tree or perhaps lying around your house.  I found one about Menopause at my house!  I did a video making it but ended it before putting the label on the spine.  For that, words from the Label Ephemera transfer by Iron Orchid Designs were used as well as dark wax to age it. Here’s the video.



drop cloth – any hardware store

jute – Do

torn paper

Grey Paint

Brocante transfer

Label Ephemera transfer

clear wax

dark wax

jute – Dollar Tree


Whew! I have so many more I’d love to share with you! If you’re not following me on Facebook, well…why aren’t you? I’d love for you to!  We have a really good time creating!

Have a great New Year’s Day!


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