DIY Fabric Stamping

Hey there, creative souls! Are you ready to dive into the wonderful world of DIY fabric stamping? Picture this: personalized T-shirts, cozy pillows, adorable tea towels…the possibilities are endless! And guess what? They make the perfect gifts too! So, in this blog post, I’m going to walk you through the step-by-step process of fabric stamping using ink and paint. Oh, and to take our stamping up a notch, I’ll be sharing a super cool “masking” technique as well!

Before we jump in, let’s gather all our materials.

Materials Needed For DIY Fabric Stamping:

  • Fabric stamps – I used the IOD Type Setting and Alphabellies stamps
  • Masks (included in IOD stamp sets)
  • Fabric you want to personalize (T-shirt, onesie, pillowcase)
  • Sandpaper (200 grit or higher to give the stamps some tooth)
  • Brayer
  • Fabric Stamp Ink or Paint
  • Ink Pad
  • Thin mounts (optional but sure makes for easier stamping)
  • Plastic or cardboard (to place inside onesie or shirt to prevent bleed thru of ink)
  • small artist brush (optional)
  • iron to heat set

Step-by-Step Guide to DIY Fabric Stamping

Step 1 – Preparing Your Workspace

Choose the fabric item you want to personalize, whether it’s a cute onesie, a T-shirt, or a pillowcase. Place a support piece between the fabric layers to prevent ink or paint from bleeding through. This can be a piece of plastic, cardboard, or anything similar that provides a stable surface.

Step 2 – Planning Design for DIY Fabric Stamping

Decide which fabric stamps you want to use to create your design. Here are a few great examples of designs that are included with the Alphabellies Stamps. They’re shown with various Letter stamps.

Examples of designs to use for diy fabric stamping.

Step 3 – Attaching Fabric Stamps to Thin Mounts

It’s also helpful to attach stamps to a thin mount. Thin mounts are sturdy pieces of plastic with grid lines that hold the stamps, making it easier to keep straight and also gives you something to hold on to when placing and removing the stamp.

Attaching stamps to thin mounts making it easier when diy fabric stamping.

For more tips that will boost your Stamp Printing skills, grab my free video tutorial below and learn to how to Stamp like a Pro!

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    Step 4 – Aligning Fabric Stamps

    For this demonstration, I used a white onesie. I’m centering the Letter R, but I will stamp with the small floral designs first, lining them up where the left straight edge of the letter will be. Confused? Scroll down below for a complete Video Tutorial.

    Remember to put something inside the onesie to prevent bleed thru. Plastic or cardboard works great!

    Align stamp in center when diy fabric stamping a onesie.
    Placing Stamp Where Desired

    Step 5 – Loading Fabric Stamps With Ink

    Grab the ink pad (saturated with fabric stamp ink), turn it upside down and apply ink to your stamps for even coverage. You can also take the brayer, roll it over the ink pad, then roll onto your stamp making sure it’s covered well. Either way works fine, it’s just whatever you’re more comfortable with.

    Step 6 – Stamping on Fabric

    With your stamp attached to the thin mount and coated with ink, lower slowly down onto the onesie. Keep one hand on the stamp to hold in place and using your fingers of your other hand, tap around the stamp firmly to ensure the ink transfers properly. Remember, we want to get that ink into the very fibers of the fabric!

    DIY Fabric stamping with the letter R over "masked" floral designs.

    Step 7 – Using Masks for Stamp Printing on Fabric

    Masks are thin plastic replicas of the stamps that are placed over the exact image after it’s been stamped. Masking helps you layer designs without the ink overlapping and smearing. Notice above how the two small floral designs are masked, with the letter R being stamped over it. Masking is easy, it’s just takes a little practice. Remember, whatever design you want in front needs to be stamped first. That design will also be the one you will use the masks on.

    When DIY fabric stamping, this mask is used to layer designs.
    Stamp Mask

    For more tips that will boost your Stamp Masking skills, grab my free video tutorial below and learn to how to Stamp like a Pro!

    Learn How to Stamp Like a Pro

    I’ll send you all my tips and tricks that will boost your stamping skills overnight. This tutorial focuses on “masking” which enables you to layer and create beautiful stamped designs on multi surfaces. Sign up below!

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      Check out this How to Stamp on Fabric video tutorial if you learn better visually.

      Heat Setting the Fabric Printed Design

      Once you’re happy with your design, it’s important to heat set it. This ensures that the ink doesn’t wash out. Use an iron, on a non-steam setting, and press over the design with a thin cloth or a pillowcase in between.

      Experimenting with Paint when DIY Fabric Stamping

      If you prefer using paint over ink or just want to try something different, here’s how you can do it:

      1. Preparing the Paint: Pour a small amount of paint onto a clean surface. Roll the brayer through the paint to load the paint evenly. Just a nice coat, not too much where it’s dripping. Then roll the brayer over the stamp.
      When DIY fabric stamping with paint, load your brayer with paint.
      1. Stamping with Paint: Align your stamp and press it onto the fabric just as you did with the ink. Again, be sure to press firmly to get the paint into the fabric fibers.
      When DIY fabric stamping, press firmly on stamp to get ink into fibers.
      Stamping over Masked Image
      1. Touching Up: If some areas don’t come out as vibrant as you’d like, use a small paintbrush to touch up the design.
      Touching up Design with paint on DIY fabric stamping project.
      Touching up with paint and artist brush

      Tips and Tricks when DIY Fabric Stamping

      • Practice on Scrap Fabric: Before working on your final piece, practice on an old T-shirt or scrap fabric to get a feel for the technique.
      • Clean Thin Mounts with Alcohol: If your stamps aren’t sticking well to the thin mounts, clean them with a bit of alcohol to remove dust and ensure better adhesion.
      • Creative Gift Ideas: These personalized items make great gifts for baby showers, birthdays, or holidays. Think about making a set of custom tea towels for a housewarming gift or a unique T-shirt for a friend’s birthday.

      Final Touches

      After stamping with paint, let the design dry and then heat set it with an iron. This ensures the paint sets into the fabric, making it washable and durable. If using ink, the process is similar—just be sure to iron it thoroughly to lock in the design.

      If you’re still trying to decide whether you should use paint or ink, Read here about the Differences between the Two and maybe it’ll make it easier for you!


      Stamping on fabric is a unique way to create personalized items that stand out. Whether you’re making a special gift or a unique piece for yourself, the possibilities are endless. I hope this article inspires you to try your hand at DIY fabric stamping. Share your finished projects and experiences with us in the comments below—we’d love to see what you create!

      Other Stamping Projects Ideas

      Check out these photos of different stamped projects for inspiration. From baby onesies to drop cloth to decorative wall art, the options are limitless. These were all workshops and can be found in my Shop Here.


      Q: What Fabric Stamp Ink should I use? A: I always use Iron Orchid Designs (IOD) Inks. These Inks are best used on natural fibers. Test for colorfastness. Dry for 24 hours and heat set with iron before washing.

      Q: Can I wash the stamped fabric? A: Yes, once you have heat set the design, it should be washable. Follow the ink or paint manufacturer’s instructions for best results.

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        Again, I hope this article inspires you to try your hand at stamping on fabric. I can’t wait to do more projects! Take a look at all the Stamps Iron Orchid Designs have available to choose from! The possibilities are endless and you can purchase them HERE. These stamps are not only great for fabric; you can also use them to Upcycle Books into Beautiful Home Decor, and much more!

        Let me know if you have any questions. I’m here to help!

        Happy stamping!


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