Are you wanting to create something unique and beautiful for your home?

Molds by IOD are perfect for adding that special touch to a piece of furniture or a canvas for creating art! The possibilities are endless! You can even use them for baked goods!

They are made of high quality, food safe silicone with unique patented rims for a clean edge. Now, with their larger size,  and new beautiful designs inspired by historic architecture, there’s no wonder why IOD molds are favored by so many.

Molds are such a great value because they can be used over and over again and can be used with several mediums.  The three I use most are air dry clay (or paper clay), casting resins, and epoxy resins.

If you’re new to molds and/or paper clay and would like some tips and tricks on successfully creating images, I can show you HERE.

Need help or inspiration with casting resins? Look HERE.
Go for it! Life’s too short to have boring home decor!:)

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