“Until I joined Joanie in this wonderful world of creativity I never knew what I could do. I had never picked up a paint brush before. She gave me the confidence and piqued my interest to want these beautiful things for myself. She told me I didn’t need to know how to do all the things because she’d show me how…and she has!  – Jessie Lanier

Want to create your own beautiful home decor, but don’t know where to start?

Are you tired of endlessly searching Pinterest or YouTube for help only to be more confused than ever?

I get it! There is a lot of confusing information out there and it can be so overwhelming. Where do I find supplies? What paint should I use?  Should I seal with Wax or a Polycrylic?

I totally know what you’re going through! When I started my creative journey, I felt the same way. There was no one available to help me or guide me.

As an artist with a passion for teaching and years of creative experience, I decided to do what I love and help other women overcome the hurdles and work with them to find their true creative potential.


In the Creative Junkies Community…

What is the Creative Junkies Membership?

The Creative Junkies Membership is an online, creative arts community helping creatives find their inner artist through online workshops and community support.

We provide our members with comprehensive video and pdf tutorials monthly. Videos will cover a plethora of art mediums including but not limited to: palette knife painting, gold leafing, glass art, resin art, mixed media, paint pours, raised stenciling,  furniture finishes… and much more!



“Joanie inspires us as members to be brave and create our own masterpieces. Her kind-hearted, encouraging, sun-shining disposition is such a breath of fresh air in a world where there doesn’t seem to be much of that anymore. Joanie’s master artsmanship is very helpful as she teaches us skill after skill.” – Deborah Kendall



“Joanie is the best teacher there is with a lots of patience and knowledge. We have become family within the group and we enjoy the time spent together on projects. We share pictures and thoughts and it is so much fun and relaxing. You will not regret joining.” – Joyce Peterson