DIY Wooden Pumpkins

I am obsessed with pumpkins right now!  I saw similar wooden pumpkins on Pinterest and I had to make some!  Aren’t they cute?  Best part, they don’t rot!  I was able to pick up some pallet wood at my local Harbor Freight for free!  That’s right, they were just piled up by the dumpster so I asked inside and was told, “just take it.”

So the first thing I did was draw my pumpkins on cardboard to use as a template.    Then,  select the pieces of wood you want to use, making sure you have enough room to draw your pumpkin once the pieces are attached   You will then need to turn your board pieces over ( in reverse order ) before securely attaching them together.  I do this because I’ve picked pieces of wood that fit nicely together.  If you don’t turn them over in reverse order, you may find that they don’t fit so nicely together.  It might be easier to temporarily attach them at the top and bottom so you could turn it over in one piece.  Got it?  I hope I haven’t lost you here.

Next,  you attach the pieces together.

We did this by cutting strips of thin plywood; gluing them on and then stapling  with brad nails.   Make sure your nails aren’t too long.  You don’t want them to come through on the other side.

Now, using your template, draw your pumpkin on.  Once you have it like you like, you can now cut it out.  I let hubby do this with his Miter Saw.

We then added a base to the pumpkin using a 1×4 piece of wood.  I cut the piece of wood the same width of my pumpkin, then screwed it on.  I made three pumpkins varying the size of each one.  I made sure they would all stand well and then I was ready to paint!



Any kind of paint will do.  I used chalk paint that I found at Walmart in the colors yellow, orange, aqua and white.  Have fun painting any way you’d like!  You could paint each strip of wood a different color or blend several colors like I did.




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