Petite Fleur Red 
Paint Inlay, 4 Pages, 12” x 16”, 10 Color

 Petite Fleur is available in Pink or Red. The different color palettes serve distinct visual appetites. Petite Fleur Red brings a dramatic, vampy/gothic vibe, while the lighter pink palette offers a more delicate touch. 

Included are four pages of designs that are highly versatile. They are not just for covering large areas; these accents shine in focused applications such as journaling and mixed media. Use the corner pieces to frame small or large designs. Imagine enhancing a jar of bath salts with a pearl strip along the top and bottom, centered with a wreath for an elegant touch. These designs pair wonderfully with the Apothecary Stamp set letters, making them a great choice for creating unique Mother’s Day gifts with personalized messages.

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