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All the Painting with Texture tutorials involve adding just that. Texture! Whether it be with Embossing Medium, Crust, Raised Stenciling, or just Paint, these tutorials will help you add a special touch to your creations!

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  • Image of Blue Heron painting with texture.

    Blue Heron Painting with Texture


    The Blue Heron Painting with Texture was an online FB Live 3-day painting event.   The tutorial was a VIRTUAL  EXPERIENCE within a private FB group. Three recorded videos include an engaging, detailed, step-by-step start to finish process, with the option to just watch if you’d like to come back later to do the project…

  • Embossed Bunny with Rose Chintz paint Inlay

    Embossed Bunnies


    Learn how to create 2 Embossed Bunnies using texture mediums, paint inlays and transfers.  Other options are discussed, as well, throughout the tutorial.

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  • Round textured tree in Green

    Round Textured Trees


    This tutorial is jam packed with information.  Learn how to blend paint and use various texture mediums to create three beautiful textured trees.  You’ll also learn how to seal with wax, polycrylic, and also epoxy resin. Each tree painting gets a different sealer.



    Textured Bike Painting Workshop This workshop was a 3-day online LIVE EXPERIENCE.  Three live videos included an engaging, detailed, step-by-step start to finish process. Supply list and printable are available now, so after signing up, get in the group and start getting excited!  

  • Image for textured church painting workshop



    This workshop is a 3-day online LIVE EXPERIENCE with private group support. Three live videos include an engaging, detailed, step-by-step start to finish process; with the option to just watch if you’d like to come back later to do the project at your own pace. The videos will always be available for your convenience! AND…

  • Picture of texture painting of bird and bird's nest.



    This is a fun, step-by-step, virtual tutorial on how to create texture while painting.  Use the skills learned  over and over again to create many projects.  Scroll down for more details.

  • Textured Peonies


    Learn how to create a beautiful textured Peony on a soft muted background and then embellish using Gold Leaf and/or Glass and Epoxy Resin.  Template will be provided for the Peony.