These Workshops vary in techniques and products used.  Supply lists are provided once purchased with various options.  Templates  are also provided when needed and are downloadable upon purchase.  No skills are necessary; I go step-by-step.

New tutorials will be added monthly.  They originated from either a Live Workshop or my Creative Junkies Membership classes.

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  • Two table risers created using IOD Transfers and Stamps.

    2 Table Risers – Tutorial


    In this tutorial, you will learn how to make 2 Table Risers, plus how to distress wood without sanding.  You will also learn how to use IOD  Stamps and Transfers!  

  • Parasol art project by Weathered Wings.

    Blooming Parasol Tutorial


    Learn how to create this beautiful parasol art using moulds and transfers.  Other options are discussed, as well, throughout the tutorial.


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  • Blue Heron painting with texture.

    Blue Heron Art Tutorial


    The Blue Heron Painting with Texture was an online FB Live 3-day painting event.   The tutorial was a VIRTUAL  EXPERIENCE within a private FB group. Three recorded videos include an engaging, detailed, step-by-step start to finish process, with the option to just watch if you’d like to come back later to do the project…

  • Elysium Butterfy Art

    Butterfly Bundle – 3 Butterfly Art Tutorials


    This tutorial consists of three individual Art projects that was part of my Creative Junkies group.  It comes as a bundle and cannot be separated due to the nature of the classes.

    Techniques learned within the bundle consists of Blending paints, using Texture, Cutting and Rearranging IOD transfers, using IOD molds,  using IOD stamps, and pouring epoxy resin.

  • Wall art using the Peacock Pair decoupage paper trimmed with IOD moulds.

    DIY Wall Art Tutorial


    Wish you could find creative wall art? DIY Wall art is the way to go! I used a beautiful decoupage paper as well as IOD faux bois moulds. Handmade decor is special and that holds true for handmade wall art. It’s something you can pass down one day. DIY wall art is most commonly painted on canvas, but you can also use wood, like I’ve done for this piece. For any questions, contact me at

  • Embossed Bunny with Rose Chintz paint Inlay

    Embossed Bunnies Tutorials(2 projects)


    Learn how to create 2 Embossed Bunnies using texture mediums, paint inlays and transfers.  Other options are also discussed throughout the tutorial.

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  • Embossed cross on textured background.

    Embossed Cross Tutorial


    Learn how to create an embossed cross over a textured background and finish with a nice glossy coat of polycrylic.

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  • Embossed Gold Tree Art

    Embossed Tree Painting Tutorial


    Learn how to create this beautiful golden tree art using texture and paints.

  • Glass and Resin Peonies ( 2 Tutorials)


    Learn how to create a beautiful textured Peony on a soft muted background and then embellish using Gold Leaf and/or Glass and Epoxy Resin.  Template will be provided for the Peony.


  • Sunflower Art with glass and resin.

    Glass and Resin Sunflower Tutorial


    This is a fun 3-part virtual workshop packed with step-by-step instructions for creating a beautiful Resin and Glass Sunflower on Canvas. Use the skills learned over and over again to create many other projects!​

  • Floral Stamped Drop cloth project.

    How to Stamp on Fabric with Paint


    Unlock your creativity with my comprehensive tutorial on how to stamp on fabric! Perfect for beginners and seasoned crafters alike, this step-by-step guide will teach you the techniques to create beautiful, custom designs on drop cloth. Learn how to choose the right stamps, paints, and fabrics, and master the process of transferring intricate patterns with ease. Elevate your home décor, fashion accessories, and gifts with personalized touches that reflect your unique style. This tutorial is filled with expert tips, tricks, and project ideas to inspire your next fabric stamping adventure. Start stamping and transform ordinary fabrics into extraordinary works of art today!

  • Mixed Media Wall Art using the Grisaille Paint Inlay framed with the Swags mould castings.

    Mixed Media Art Tutorial


    This tutorial is jam packed with techniques from learning how to create texture with paint to using Paint Inlays and Moulds.