Painted my white oven black

Hi everyone!  Okay, so I’m sure you’ve probably seen or heard how someone has painted a refrigerator, but what about an oven?? Over the years,  I’ve replaced our appliances as they quit working.  It’s no surprise that my oven has still been going strong!  I don’t enjoy cooking all that much so, it’s not gotten a ton of use.   We’ve been in our house for over 18 years now and it’s hard for me to replace something that still works perfectly, especially a kitchen appliance.  However, I recently painted my kitchen cabinets and the white oven was starting to bother me!  So I decided I would try and paint it.  I thought, “What have I got to lose?  If I mess up, oh well, I don’t like it anyway!”

I did think about replacing the oven doors, but the black was discontinued.  I knew I couldn’t use just any paint; it would have to be heat resistant.  I read all the information I could find on heat resistant paint and decided to use Rustoleum High Heat Ultra.

I took the doors off, separating the door frame and glass, and taped off the middle glass area because I wanted to keep it the same.  I then spray painted using several thin coats.  For the oven inset attached to the wall, I brush painted with Rustoleum High Heat paint as shown.

I definitely would try this again, but I did learn a lot from mistakes I made.  I painted one door completely and waited a few days to do the other one.  I should have painted them both at the same time because outside conditions matter.  It can’t be real hot outside and it can’t be very windy.    The first door was pretty easy going, but I struggled with the second one.  It had gotten hot and windy outside and the paint wanted to crack.  Also, the High Heat paint is not very glossy.  I plan on taking the doors off again and spray painting them with clear High Heat gloss that I’ve recently found.  All in all, I was pleased with how it turned out but I probably will replace it soon.  It looks a little retro! Ha!  But hey, I tried!