I love Christmas villages, especially all white Christmas villages!  Every time I see them, I wish I had one!   I have a small collection of Dept. 56 villages that I pulled out of storage.  I quickly remembered why I didn’t ever display them.  They were pretty large and  I’ve just never had a good place to set them all up.  Plus,  they weren’t white.  Then I noticed I had another collection of  a smaller village that my sister had given me years ago!  I’ve always loved this little village as well.  It was small and dainty like I wanted, but didn’t quite have the look I wanted.  So, like a lot of other things around my house, I painted them!  This was so simple to do!  I took some white spray paint and set the villages outside.

See all the sweet little greenery on the buildings?  I covered those up while I was painting because I wanted to keep those!  I’m really loving how they’re looking!  Once they were dry, I brought them in and looked around for a place to display them.  I decided on the console table underneath the TV.  That way, I could see them every night!

I  bought garland from Home Depot the day before, so I laid that out on top.  You could definitely just use fake garland but I had this and I wanted to use it.  I also had several little Christmas trees that I placed throughout.


And what’s a snow village without snow?  I also had a bag of “snow” from years ago so I sprinkled it all throughout.  I dread when I have to clean this up…It is messy!  But it was worth it!  I loved how it turned out!

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