It’s very easy to make simple wooden signs!  All you need is a piece of wood, a piece of chalk, some paint, and a computer.

Start by deciding what you would like your sign to say and type it into a “Word-type” program.  I wanted mine to say Merry Christmas, so using a font I liked (Beyond the Mountains) in a 185 size, I typed it in and printed it out.  I then looked around my garage for a scrap piece of wood that would be long enough.  Next I painted it and let it dry. 


I then took my “Merry Christmas” printout, cut it down a little, and turned it over on the back.   (By the way,  The board I used is a 1×4 and my words barely fit).  Then, taking my piece of chalk,  I rubbed it pretty heavily on the backside of the words.  Make sure it’s covered well and then turn your paper  back over and place it where you want it on the board.  I used a few pieces of tape to keep it in place.   Now take a pen and trace over your letters.  Once that’s done, take the paper off, and you should see the words outlined with the chalk.



Now you’re ready to paint!  I used white paint and a small artist brush, but you could easily use a sharpie or a paint pen.  I wanted to use something white and only had it in paint.  It does take a little longer this way.    After the paint is dry, wipe it down with a damp paper towel to get remaining chalk off.


You can be done here, or you could sand it a little to get an aged look.  You could also use a dark glaze or wax for a different look, which is what I did.  If you do this, you will first paint a clear sealer over it and wait for that to dry.  Then paint an antique glaze over it, wait a minute or two,  then wipe off.  I used a baby wipe for this.

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