EASY Christmas Tree decorating

Hi Everyone!

Are you pressed for time and don’t want to spend all day decorating your tree?  I always feel so pressured after Thanksgiving to get all my decorating done.  Most of my neighbors are finished BEFORE Thanksgiving but I just refuse.  So let me share with you the quick and easy way I decorated my two trees!

I put a skinny tree in a corner in my dining room.  It was NOT pre-lit so I used a string of gold ball lights that I got from Target years ago.  If you happen to have a tree that IS pre-lit you can skip this step!  Next, I took a white/gold mesh ribbon and went around the tree with it, pinching it in sections and using the tree limbs to wrap it securely.   I used the 21″ size that can be found at any craft store or Walmart.  I even found some at the dollar store.


Start at the top and work your way down until you have the tree covered. down the tree in vertical lines like I did the tree in my den.  Since this tree was skinny, it was easier for me to just go around it.  The ribbon is also a good filler, covering up any gaps you might have!  Next, I took gold and white berry picks that I found at Michael’s and just stuck them all around, including the very top.  And that’s it!!  Just 3 easy steps!  I really love how the gold balls sparkle against the ribbon!  You could use any type of ornament you choose.









I also used the same process with my second tree, except I came down with the ribbon and I used Poinsettia picks along with the berry picks.  (This tree was pre-lit, thank goodness!!). I threw in a few other ornaments and put a bow on top as well because I didn’t quite have enough picks.  I will add berry picks to the top later on, but for now, I’m good.  Both trees took out 2 1/2 hours.

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