Painted Pumpkin Centerpiece

So I found an awesome wooden tray at Home Goods and wanted to use it as a centerpiece.  I’m on a pumpkin craze, but I don’t particularly like to use them indoors.  I just struggle decorating with orange!  I went to Michael’s to look for some white pumpkins but all they had were large ones.  I found a bag of small pumpkins that I decided would be easy to paint!

I used white and aqua chalk paint, annie sloan clear wax and dark wax.

I painted several pumpkins in white and several in the aqua color.  Once they were dry, I brushed on clear wax, wiping any excess wax off.  I then followed up with the dark wax and wiped off most of it to get the look I was going for.  When using annie sloan dark wax, you must use clear wax first or the dark wax will be hard to wipe off.













I then added a few pine cones and snipped some berries from my crepe myrtles.  I painted the candle sticks using the same chalk paint method and added the candles I found at Hobby Lobby.  I’m pleased with it!  So much better than orange!  Check out my other pumpkin projects here and here!


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