Chalkboard Painted Walls

Could you use a Chalkboard Painted Wall somewhere in your house?  It’s super easy to do and really fun to have!   I had a tiny wall space in my coffee nook that I never could get to look good.  I tried hanging pictures and framed photos, but nothing seemed to work, so I decided to make it a chalk board!  I knew if I didn’t like it or if I got tired of it later on, I could just paint it back.  I really like it because I can change it up with the seasons!  Here’s what it looked like before…well, it didn’t have the painter’s tape on there; I remembered to take a picture right before I started painting with the Chalkboard paint.

And here’s what it looks like now!  I also, recently replaced my white tile backsplash with a more weathered looking tile.

It’s a lot of fun decorating for each season!  Usually, I have a bible verse written.  There’s really several options you can do to make this a fun space!  See my instructions for making a chalkboard here!