Do you feel like your home could use a little brightening up?  You can do that by simply painting your furniture!  I’ve always loved dark furniture; I still do, but I’ve been looking around my house and that’s really all I have.  It seems the trend is going to a lighter, more casual feel and I really like it!  But dang!  I can’t buy all new furniture!  But I can paint!  And so can you!  I promise!

Painting your walls is the number one thing that can change the over all feel of a room, but painting furniture makes a huge impact as well.  Take a look at this bench ( I almost forgot to get a Before picture).

It was really dark!  I thought, even if I just painted it white, I think I would like it better; however, I wanted something a little different.  I love the Restoration Hardware look on furniture…you know, the kind of soft weathered look?

So I decided to go with a white chalk paint.  Here, I was using Dixie Belle chalk paint in Cotton.  I had never used this brand of paint, so I was trying it out.  As I was painting, I decided I wanted to prime it first and thought spraying it would be easier.  It was a little difficult getting a paint brush between all the slats.  I used Rustoleum spray primer in white.  You can find this at any Lowe’s, Home Depot, or Walmart.  After getting one coat of primer on, I noticed several pink spots!  Ugh!

 I had forgotten that a lot of dark furniture have tannins that would bleed through to the surface.   To remedy this, I recommend Shellac or shellac based primers.

I used a spray Shellac as pictured.  Spraying 3 coats, allowing to dry in between, worked great! I primed it again and this time, no pink!

I didn’t really have a plan as to what color I was going for but,  I ended up spraying it with Rustoleum chalk paint in the color Aged gray. (I did this live on facebook if you want to check it out here).  Again, I got the chalk paint at Home Depot.

I loved the color and I loved spraying it, but it took two cans and they’re not cheap.  I could have gotten a quart for the same price or less and still had some left over.  Oh well, I learned.  It’s just easier spraying something like a bench.  Here it is in Grey.

After the two coats of Grey dried, I then glazed it.  You can see that on a live video here.  For the glaze, I went with General Finishes Glaze Effects is Van Dyke brown and Winter white.  I loved how smooth this glaze went on.

If you watch the video, you can see I was somewhat torn between the brown and white glaze and in the end, I used both.  I first brushed the brown on, using a cheap chip brush, and then wiped some off using a baby wipe.  You could also use a damp rag, paper towel, etc.  I then did the same with the white, going back with the brown in some spots until I got it like I wanted.





Doesn’t it look so much better?  I was really happy with it!  Now, I’m off to find something else I can paint!  You should try it too!  You could always start with a picture frame or a jewelry box until you get comfortable!  Have fun!  It’s just paint; You can’t mess it up!

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